Second Screen Guide to the Oscars


The Super Bowl is the reigning Social TV champion, spawning some 52.5 million social comments this year, by some counts. Can the Oscars beat that?

That’s the one Academy Award prediction we are curious about and we are looking forward to tuning in on Sunday, Feb. 24, to catch the last of the TV tent-pole events of the winter and see that, as well as who wins best actor, best film, and who wears the most amazing gown, and who has the most inspiring speech.

The ads are nearly $2 million each and South Korea’s powerhouses, Hyundai and Samsung, are two of the biggest advertisers on a night when movie studios are limited to three the number of film ads they can buy.

The top audience for the Oscars was 57.25 million for 1998 Oscars when Titanic won best picture , accoring to Wikipedia.

Following are some links to Oscars on the second screen:

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