Social TV Conference Roundups

Three TV and social-media related conferences on Wednesday divided attention among the Social TV industry. Did you miss them? If you did, just click the link and read our Storify summaries.

NBC Amplified Digital Upfronts

Mo Krochmal, editor of Social TV Daily, curated the tweet stream for NBC’s events on April 24, 2013 in New York City.

Storified by Mo Krochmal· Thu, Apr 25 2013 14:42:00

What an awesome event. Glad to be a part of it! #NBC #MKG #DIGITAL
NBC has half a billion followers across all social streams. #nbcamplifiedLance Ulanoff
#NBCAmplified is amped up!
Have never seen so many screens screaming w actually entertaining content. Energy palpable, cross-screen, cross-room #nbcamplified @nbcuampdJulie Thompson
. @Telemundo toasts to the Digital Upfront @NBCUAMPD. #NBCAmplified
Step and repeat at the #NBCUpfront @ Skylight Modern Kroll
NBCU Digital Upfronts: Stuart Elliot describes NBCUniversal’s upfront for its digital and online content. for TV Majors

Selected #iuny13 Tweets

Mo Krochmal, editor of Social TV Daily, curates the tweet stream from Fast Company’s Innovation Uncensored Conference, April 24, 2013.

Storified by Mo Krochmal· Thu, Apr 25 2013 11:40:37

Fast Company Innovation UncensoredFast Company’s Innovation Uncensored event embodies the ethos of our brand and represents the culmination of our work throughout the year…
@justinkan was able to pivot from to Twitch thanks in part to users asking for ability to watch others play video games #IUNY13Larry Koestler CRE
“@TheDJK: @OREO sees 3X return on TV when social is used at the same time (through their advanced attribution model) -@boughb #IUNY13”Ogilvy & Mather
Selected Tweets
@stevesooch: #iuny13 "50-20-30 rules of personal finance: 50:essential-20:future-30:lifestyle" from @alexavontobel < nice balanceKen Alawine Waggoner
The future of #retail is about experience per sq ft, not sales psf. #iuny13 via @rachelshechtman #creEmily Ford
#IUNY13 "No retailer should be worried about sales per sq. ft…It’s archaic" @rachelshechtman founder of Storytheupexperience
3D printing identified as best future technology to change everything. Imagine infinite custom sizing of clothing #iuny13 @georgenenniGlen Garvin
"Innovation is looking forward while simultaneously looking forward" @amandapalmer #IUNY13 @FastCompanyJane Susskind
@jeffchu Only 7% of word of mouth happens online, says @j1berger #IUNY13 < wow, lower than I expected, thank youKen Alawine Waggoner
Only 3% of our ideas come while in the office. 97% of ideas come from outside #futuristforum #iuny13John Heenan
"Shopping has historically been an analog space. It’s time to arm customers with information to provide them savings." – Gibu Thomas #iuny13Walmart Newsroom
In 5+yrs the power of the internet will come to fruition. Customers will get what they want, when & where they want it. -Gibu Thomas #iuny13Walmart Newsroom
"My career has been pivot to pivot. Some call it poor planning & lack of research. I call it flexibility & improvising." @justinkan #iuny13Danielle Sacks
David Droga "Advertising is a challenge – people invent technology to avoid us – we need to be compelling to succeed." #IUNY13 @ddrogaLiz Terry
No human is individual. 99% if genes are bacteria. This comes from interactions w/others. :-) #iuny13 #Cisco #FuturismForumvivitoro
"Bad advertising online is more offensive that in traditional advertising" @ddroga #iuny13Zain Habboo
Everyone hates advertising until they need to sell their car, find their car or finance their startup. – @ddroga #iuny13Aaron Skinner
"When starting a new job you need to resist the temptation to change everything at once" @smlyne, 8 weeks as CEO @AOL brand group #iuny13Danielle Sacks
Convincing Prudential to step out of template – "Day 1" demonstrated value of user generated communities, not user generated content #iuny13OgilvyEntertainment
"Buzzfeed has turned real time measurement into the entertainment" – @smlyne @FastCoExist #iuny13Danielle Sacks
.@ddroga picks Old Spice social campaign as one he wishes he would have done, game changing use of social #iuny13OgilvyEntertainment
Lots of talk re branded content @ #IUNY13. Amusing how the historically maligned advertorial has become a driving force behind Buzzfeed, etcLarry Koestler CRE
#iuny13 something as simple as a needed pair of glasses can improve someone’s income by 20% – @NeilBlumenthal @WarbyParkerArnold, Marissa
#IUNY13 150 million orphans in world today @MelissaKushner created Goods for Good donating over 100′s of ton of new & used goods to kidstheupexperience
A theme emerges: innovating use of surplus- @Mariobatali cutting waste in the food chain @MelissaKushner distributing surplus goods #IUNY13Jay Dysart
"By vstng factories arnd the wrld we saw that glasses cost a frctn of what theyre sold 4. So we decided to sell $500glasses 4 $95" #iuny13Zain Habboo
The Biggest, Yet Never Mentioned, Benefit of Content Marketing via @jaybaer @MarketingProfs #IUNY13Anametrix
Kiip created needs wheel, showing users likely needs based on time of day. Plan across brands portfolio. Wow. #iuny13OgilvyEntertainment
Creativity is a compilation of everything we’ve seen. – @brian_wong #iuny13Aaron Skinner
Execution: If only it was really that easy as coke says #iuny13 @baratunde Garvin
Fuse, Twitter Lure Trident To Sponsor Music Show Made From Tweets via: @adage #IUNY13Anametrix
10 smart quotes from #iuny13, @fastcompany innovation gathering: Kanalley
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