Thursday’s Social TV Must-Reads (Feb. 14)

The three-day Social TV Thought Leadership Roadshow wraps up in New York City on Thursday afternoon but coverage and community will continue on our website and social media channels. Let us know that you’ve been following our coverage, including today’s stops at New York agencies Dentsu and 360i as well as Moxie in the afternoon.

While we have been doing the face-to-face tour, we are also monitoring social TV articles that are must-reads for the day. Apple and TV sets are back in the spotlight with articles ranging from speculation on a Fall release to others that say Apple has been chased from the game by Intel.

In ratings news, the State of the Union speech was down, but the Republican rebuttal is still making social-media waves and teaching new lessons to marketers about rapid response savvy response to news events. (We’re looking at you, Poland Spring).

In the sports world, an Olympics hero arrested for murder and an LA Lakers star opens an account in China’s popular social media service.

Read our daily news report and let us know.

TV Highlights Tonight

  • ‘Glee’ on Fox

Does a wedding mean “jumped the shark?” Wedding theme on “Glee” tonight at 9 p.m. on Fox. That follows the final 40 contestants being named on “American Idol,” on Fox at 8 p.m., which battles “The Big Bang Theory,” on CBS. New drama series “Zero Hour” takes the 8 pm slot on ABC.

via LA Times,0,5437449.story

via NY Times, via Seattle Times

 TV Ratings

  • NBC Leads State of the Union Coverage, Viewership Down From 2012 

Early returns have President Obama’s address dropping double digits on all of the broadcast networks.

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  • Local L.A. News Audience Surges During Dorner Coverage

Against similar competition from the cable news networks, local broadcasts still topped a gross 2 million viewers across the six stations. The haul more than doubles the typical 5 p.m. news-watching audience, with KCBS bringing in its best ratings in the hour since 2004.

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  • Poland Spring Botches Marco Rubio’s State Of The Union Product Placement Meme

But the Poland Spring Twitter page? Nothing. Not a drop of anything–actually, there hasn’t been a drop of anything since July 26, 2010, as CNET helpfully pointed out. The same went for its Facebook page.

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  • Apple TV event predicted for March, TV debut in the fall 

Apple will hold an event in March to plug a new program that lets developers write apps for Apple TV, Jefferies & Co. analyst Peter Misek said.

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  • Apple’s Next Innovation: TV 

Television viewers fumble with awkward remote controls and crave a richer array of on-demand programming. It’s time for Apple to step in and disrupt the TV business.

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  • Did Intel, Samsung scare Apple out of TV business?

Simply put, there has been little-to-no evidence confirming that Apple intends to build a TV. However, there have been several reports claiming that Apple is already working on the iWatch. Believe it or not, real products are far more exciting than fictional items concocted by overzealous analysts.

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  • Rumors of Apple buying German luxury TV maker Loewe surface again

A Loewe spokesman said it was unaware of any offer. An Apple declined spokesman declined to comment.

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  • Hardware partners plot future of Google TV in closed-door meeting

Some of these partners have already started to work with the next generation of the Google TV software, which received its last significant update last fall. That makes it likely that we will see another big Google TV update before the end of the year.

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  • ‘Sesame Street’ nears 1 billion views on YouTube

The children’s program is closing in on the kind of rarified digital milestone usually reserved for the likes of pop stars and cat videos. “Sesame Street” will soon pass 1 billion views on YouTube and it’s celebrating the mark with a campaign to put itself over the hump.

  • Why Netflix’s ‘House of Cards’ Is NOT the Future of Television

Because social media. Who can talk about every episode of a show? Television is no longer a singular, private activity. It’s communal and interactive. And in that respect, Netflix’s House of Cards is a massive step backwards.

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  • Amazon Strikes Content Deal With CBS for Prime Service

CBS and Showtime series coming to Prime for the first time include “America’s Next Top Model,” “Everybody Loves Raymond,” “Jericho,” “The L Word,” Undercover Boss and United States of Tara, among others.

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  • Twitter Reaction: Oscar Pistorius charged with murder of girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp

The shock and sadness of this news manifested itself on Twitter early Thursday morning.

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  • Kobe Bryant Said Joining China’s Sina Weibo Social Net

Sina Weibo has verified that the NBA superstar has set up an individual account on its hugely popular microblogging site. Bryant’s followers numbered more than 100,000 within hours on Thursday, although no comments from Bryant had appeared.

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  • Memorable 3-pointers bring 3,000 more Twitter followers for Ben Brust

Ben Brust of Wisconsin’s basketball team did not become a rock star in the wake of his shooting display in Wisconsin’s overtime victory over then-No. 3 Michigan. But, he has grown a bigger following with 3,000 new followers.

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  • Prep Goalie Quits Mid-Match

YouTube video shows senior Austin Krause play the puck, and then purposely score on his own team during Tuesday night’s senior night against Chaska. YouTube video shows senior Austin Krause play the puck, and then purposely score on his own team during Tuesday night’s senior night against Chaska.

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  • Transmedia’ set to disrupt the retail sector

Retailers are, according to Spieckerman, focused on building “platforms” that include numerous methods to recruit and retain customers, while building positive brand awareness. The platforms include connections between social media, television, video, digital advertising, in-store marketing, and numerous other venues that deliver a product and/or brand message.

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  • CMO Steve Walker to leave Sony Mobile 

Steve Walker has been instrumental to Sony’s success throughout the years, with one of his major accomplishments being the rebranding of Sony’s mobile division from Sony Ericsson to Sony Mobile in February 2012.

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Latin Market

  • Dunkin’ Donuts Selects Zubi Advertising as New Hispanic Marketing Agency

(RELEASE) Miami-based Zubi Advertising has been appointed as the new Hispanic marketing and advertising agency. Zubi will be responsible for creative, digital and social media, promotions, public relations, and other Hispanic campaigns for Dunkin’ Donuts.

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  • Puerto Rico’s WAPA Network Debuts ‘SuperXclusivo’ Replacement

A month after Puerto Rico’s most popular TV show SuperXclusivo crumbled under allegations of homophobia, WAPA TV, the network that aired the gossip show, has launched a brand new program in the same time slot to replace it, called “Lo Sé Todo” (I Know Everything). Social media comments have not been entirely supportive.

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  • Jenni Rivera’s Reality TV Show Moving Forward: Will Air In April

The deceased Grammy winner was filming a reality show up until her tragic death in December, but on Feb. 12 it was confirmed that the show will still air, premiering in April.


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