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The exodus has begun as America’s nerds head to Austin, Texas, for the start of the South by Southwest conferences and festival, an annual rite of spring, or, as it’s loving called: “Spring Break for Nerds.” While we have much respect for our techie colleagues, we usually miss being there in person, preferring to view it from a distance. So, we will be in our New York office, looking in from a distance and sharing on Social TV Daily. You won’t miss a thing.

And, as we do every workday, we have scrolled through hundreds of links to find and share the freshest articles that will make you even smarter and brighter.

Last night, Fox’s ‘American Idol’ was tops in social mentions on Twitter, Facebook, GetGlue and Viggle for the third straight night, Trendrr reported this morning.

Yesterday, Facebook announced the first redesign to its news feed since 2006, offering less clutter and new feed filters. We don’t see this as benefiting the Social TV community at this point as TV is not one of the choices on the new filters released yesterday.

We think we have a great set of must-reads for Social TV professionals. So, click the link, give a read and be sure to tell us what you think on Twitter (@socialtvdaily) and as well as on the web.

Have a great weekend and don’t  forget to set your clocks forward an hour Sunday morning.

Top Stories

  • BBC R&D expert: “One can visualize a world where Web content is TV-aware”

Q&A with Jerry Kramskoy, Senior Technologist for BBC Research and Development

Read the article, via IPTV News

  • SxSW Scene Setter

The 10-day South By Southwest Festival has always been a mashup of movies, music and technology. This year, there’s a growing focus on the rise of entertainment apps to help you better enjoy those and other pursuits.

Read the article, via USA Today

  • SXSW 2013: Five tech trends we can’t wait to see

Some already-emerging trends and news as South by Southwest kicks off in Austin, Texas, Friday.

Read the article, via EW

TV Buzz for Thursday Night

Last night, for the third straight night this week, ‘American Idol’ topped the social buzz for broadcast TV with 356,880 mentions by 151,229 people, Trendrr reported this morning. The NBA matchup between Oklahoma City and New York paced cable with 156,586 mentions by 102,539 people, according to Trendrr.

Critics’ Picks for TV

  • LA Times — ‘Last Man Standing’ on ABC on Friday night.

Read the article,0,7437298.story

  • Weekend TV

USA Today — ‘Grimm’ on NBC Friday night at 9, ‘Restless Virgins’ on Lifetime Saturday at 8, and ‘The Bible’ Sunday at 8 on History channel.


  • Facebook’s tabloid new look

Facebook is selling the new version of newsfeed under the catchline “Goodbye clutter”, insisting that it is about making the user experience better rather than boosting its advertising revenue. But if it works for users, it will make the social network more valuable for advertisers too.

Read the article, via BBC

  • Facebook Revamps Newsfeed, Offers More Space For Content

Analysts predict that more space for photos will result in more space for advertising, even though a spokesperson said the filtered feeds would not feature ads in the first few months.“We wanted to clean up the page, declutter it, make it simpler, more modern and easier for people to use,” Chris Struhar, the project’s lead engineer, told the BBC.

Read the article


Euronews launches news service with Twitter’s Vine app

Subscribers to the @euronews feed on Twitter now receive a video of the day’s headline story which is compiled by journalists from the international news channel.

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  • These 3 Deals Show How Twitter Could Steal Ad Dollars From TV

The difference between Twitter and Facebook, however, is that Twitter needs TV shows to generate topics for people to tweet about. Facebook, however, appears to be leaning toward becoming its own major video platform, like YouTube is, and doesn’t need the traditional TV industry to survive.

Read the article

  • YouTube videos giving TV a run

Buoyed by breakout successes such as Psy’s “Gangnam Style,” a kitschy Korean music video that has racked up nearly 1.4 billion views globally, YouTube has turned streaming into mainstreaming, and major marketers are clamoring to leverage the medium to promote their brands.

Read the article,0,1667126.story


  • NASCAR HQ’s Swanky Social Media Control Room

Check out that setup they’re swinging at the NASCAR headquarters’ social media control room. It’s mostly just a big matrix of monitors with a couple of touch screens to switch between live mentions of all the drivers, in case they want to go all DEFCON on NASCAR, but it’s really well put together and super attractive.

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  • Why attention wavered on the biggest night in TV, and how to engage viewers

The CBS TV network had no Super Bowl app, so it took 0% of the second screen app audience. Instead, it was pushing people to the web – yet another distraction from TV, and an even bigger mistake for a TV network.

Read the article

  • ESPN’s Jay Bilas: A social media butterfly who doesn’t follow anybody on Twitter

USA Today profiles the ESPN announcer and former Duke basketball star.

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Latin Market

  • Univision Continues Winning Streak and Ranks #4 or Higher for Fifth Consecutive Week among Adults 18-34 and 18-49


Read the release

  • Comcast Courts Hispanic Viewers With Florida Lineup

Comcast has announced the addition of as many as 32 Hispanic channels to its MultiLatino package in Florida, bringing the average number of Hispanic channels to 52 in the state.

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