By the Numbers, Social TV Last Night

Screen grab of the official NCAA March Madness website taken Tuesday, April 9, 2013.

March Madness reached a social TV crescendo last night as Louisville captured the NCAA men’s basketball national championship over Michigan, 82-76.

The NCAA multiplatform coverage reported some 1,680,850 related tweets, peaking at 57,567 per minute toward the end of the game.

Trendrr measured some 2,237,494 comments by 908,459 people on Facebook, GetGlue, Twitter and Viggle, the researcher said this morning.

The game was the most-buzzed program on television — broadcast and cable — for the night. WWE Monday Night Raw, as usual, was the most-buzzed cable show with 518,787 mentions by 164,034 people, Trendrr said.

NBC’s “The Voice” was second on broadcast and third overall with 310,657 mentions, followed by “Dancing with the Stars” with 119,136 mentions.

VH1′s “Love & Hip Hop” was second on cable with 147,033 mentions with ESPN’s Sportscenter third for 90,171 mentions.

For Monday, some 1,947,065 people shared 5,575,350 TV programming-related tweets, according to SocialGuide.

Activity on Twitter peaked from 11:45-11:59 with 564,115 tweets as the tournament concluded.

SocialGuide credited the championship game with 3,246,580 tweets from 1,027,071 people, or 58 percent of the daily activity.

ESPN’s SportsCenter had the most-retweeted share for the tournament, getting 6664 retweets on the following tweet.



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