Social TV Thought Leadership Roadshow Gets Rolling!

Over the next three days, select groups of advertising executives will join executives from five companies to kick off a three-month nationwide program to connect players in the emerging Social TV industry.

Social Summits, the parent of Social TV Daily and the organizer of the Social TV Summits, has organized “The Social TV Thought Leadership Roadshow.”  The roadshow will include a total of 18 agencies across the country in sessions in February, March and April.

A total of six sessions at six top agencies in New York City are scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (Feb. 12-14).

The lineup of host agencies includes UM, Ogilvy, Carat, BBDO, Dentsu and 360i, and Moxie Interactive of Publicis.

Presenting social TV companies include Trendrr of New York; Civolution of Eindhoven, The Netherlands; Viggle of New York; ConnecTV of Emeryville, Calif.; and TVPlus of Orange, Calif.

“We are not doing this to pitch but to share thoughts and ideas, and spark a dialogue between agencies, brands and producers in the Social TV industry,” says Andy Batkin, CEO of Social Summits.

Batkin’s vision for the emerging Social TV industry is formed by his experience as a pioneer in the interactive advertising industry. As a founding member of the IAB, he has served on a number of interactive industry boards since the early days of the digital advertising industry. Batkin founded Interactive Marketing, Inc., which served as the exclusive interactive sales organization for Yahoo’s first two years of existence and was sold to Softbank in 1996.

Batkin says he hopes this trailblazing program will lead to consensus on standards and practices in Social TV marketing and advertising, such as terms and conditions in contracts and in creative standards.

“The Internet didn’t really move forward until things like that were agreed on,” Batkin says. “We want to help agencies and companies to get talking and find out what the needs are.”


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