Thursday Morning Reads (May 16)


Three things you should read this morning — “The Office,” TiVo and real-time, and TV app startup, SimulTV.

Six Ways The Office Mattered

If any TV show is lucky enough, it will last to the point when it will seem tired, repetitive, business as usual. The Office, which ends its last season after nine years tonight, may arguably have reached that point; however well it ends, it will have been punching the clock for a long time.


TiVo’s Next Frontier: What to Watch on Live TV
TiVo, the company that sparked the rise of time-shifted TV, now wants to give users a personalized cheat-sheet of what to tune in to right now – eventually incorporating suggestions from friends and critics’ picks. DVR maker is adding a “What to Watch Now” feature for its iPad app, which displays popular programs airing at the time, categorized by genre in a visual format.

SimulTV launches a single-screen ‘second screen’ experience

Who needs a second screen when you can use one screen to watch, share, and see what others are saying about life television entertainment? Today SimulTV launched a new online TV-viewing app that integrates social, eliminating the need for two screens.

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